Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Parenting Books for Kindle

Amazon often has an offering of daily books for parents and those who work with children. Here are some freebies that I found today.
No Kindle? No worries! I read mine with free reading apps for my Droid and my laptop. Get your free apps here or give in and purchase your own Kindle.
How to Be a Parent (Best Value Ever)

This all-inclusive book is meant to give you straightforward advice on handling your kids from the "terrible twos" to the "truculent teens."
Get your Kindle copy here.

Let's Talk to Our Kids: Successful Communication With Your Child

Communication skills can always be improved. This book goes beyond simply talking with your children to looking at how you communicate with people in general. The way that you model your communication skills with other adults will also model how children will communicate with each other. Also, sometimes when you think you are being quite clear, children are misinterpreting your actions or words. And sometimes you misinterpret what children are trying to tell you. This book will help.
Get your Kindle copy here.

Six Questions Children Ask About Death...And How to Answer Them

Adults often think that children are not affected by the death of a loved one. They are affected; they just manifest their grief in a different manner. Author Sharon Marshall Lockett has worked with children for several years. She also had to help her preschooler through the death of his baby brother. The book is written from a Christian perspective to help parents answer those tough questions that inevitably pop up.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Successfully Raising Grandchildren

Your parenting duties don't end when they leave the house. You are still their parents. And even more, you often become grandparents. Grandparents are just as instrumental in raising children as their parents are. This book, written by a pastor, aims to distinguish between the two different roles in life.
Get your Kindle copy here.

Lucky's Top 50 Toddler Activities

This is a collection of inexpensive, constructive activities to satisfy your toddler's craving for your attention.
Get your Kindle copy here. 

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