Friday, May 30, 2014

Read4Kids.Net to immerse your children in storytelling

I'm Too Tired To Read You A Story

Ever had that feeling? Too tired, too busy, just can't be bothered? 
You know that reading stories to your children is important because it brings a story to life and encourages your children to love stories and books from an early age. Whether it's bedtime or a tedious long journey, story-telling is an important part of a child's early life experience and education.

So, what do you do when your heart's just not in it? You go to is what you do, where you can get stories, both classic and newly-written, recorded in MP3 format so they can be played on many devices, to entertain your kids, and take the pressure off you. 

We are a group of writers and narrators, dedicated to presenting your child, of whatever age, with an enjoyable listening experience. Fairy tales, adventures, comedies, we're striving to have every genre and for every age group.

So, why not pay us a visit and see what we've got to offer -

See you there.

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