Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Minecraft for Parents' by Cody and Erica Wagner

About the book:

Are you a parent who doesn't know how to play Minecraft; yet your son or daughter is very interested in the game? Why is this such a popular game? Minecraft for Parents provides you with clear cut instructions on how to play this game from start to finish. Prepare to learn about mobs, different dimensions and even how to meet other players. You will also learn the language of Minecraft players. This book also includes helpful pictures.

Authors Bios: (This book is by a brother and sister).

Cody Wagner is a twin. He is all about cars, with his favorite being Dodge. First thing each morning, he reads car news even before breakfast. He is also quite the history buff. When he is not playing with his sister, he is reading car news and discovering new car driving games for his Xbox or PC. Cody plans to become CEO of Dodge.

His hobbies are bowling, swimming, sledding and playing racquetball.

Erica Wagner is a twin. She likes science, astronomy, technology and doing paleontology digs. When she is not playing with her brother, she spends her time reading about dinosaurs, space and other science topics. She also has a fashion side where she likes to design clothes and make her own creations. Erica plans to become a scientist.

Her hobbies are bowling, swimming, sledding and playing racquetball.

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