Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out' by Lynne Namka, Ed.D.

The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out


Are people in your family mad? Those pesky mads! They are part of being human, but they do keep us steaming and stewing. They make us irrational. They pop out at the wrong times. They make us say and do things we regret later. There must be a better way! The Mad Family Book gives choices! In this book, you can find out how to:
*Deal with an angry child by giving him positive alternatives. 
*Help your child understand his angry feelings. 
*Express anger in ways that do not hurt others or self. 
*Learn safe and fun ideas for anger release. 
*Learn to speak negative feelings to increase self-esteem.
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Lynne Namka, Ed. D. is a Happy Psychologist in private practice in Tucson, AZ, and an occasional storyteller. Her last three books are about finding and keeping love: Love as a Fine Species of Madness - which is a tear-jerker; the metaphysical fairy tale, Castalia Ever After; and the hysterically funny, feminist fairy tale, The Loathsome Lady: The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell. Collectively, these three books take a hard-eye look at the wrong kind of loving.

Woven into the fabric of her numerous book and articles are models and metaphors of the science, psychology and the mystical spirit-world. Her writings contain ideas from Native American lore, Sufism, Buddhism and Taoism, with a basic overall Christian approach to becoming a kind, loving person.

The ideas in her popular children's self-help books are based on years of working in programs for children with severe behavior problems. These books include Good Bye Ouchies and Grouchies, Hello Happy Feelings: EFT for Kids of All Ages, Parent's Fight, Parents Make Up and the best selling, The Mad Family Gets Their Mads Out. In addition, she has written several curriculums for therapists, teachers and parents to work with angry children and has a CD for children called Get Your Angries Out, which features anger management techniques.

Her award-wining web site, www.AngriesOut.com, features a write-in advice column for angry children and has over 300 pages of articles on anger management information. Her web site receives 30,000 hits a month. She has also written an inclusive book on anger management called Your Quick Anger Make Over Plus Twenty Other Cutting-Edge Techniques to Release Anger.

Lynne's free weekly newsletter, Inspiration and Transformation is available at www.angriesout.com. Currently, the newsletter has over 3,800 viewers and goes out across the world. In the newsletter, Lynne often writes about love and living in healthy relationships. One of her talents is translating the psychology research into everyday people-language, to provide practical ways of living a healthy life. Her light-hearted writings encourage the readers to be their highest and best self by using positive tools and techniques to work with their emotions. Her extensive research and writing has instilled a constant drive to practice what she "preaches."

Having a mystical bent, Lynne also has a separate practice listed at www.tucsonshaman.com, and takes people on shamanic journeys to accomplish healing.

In a recent interview she said, "I know the ways of the depths of the human heart and our longing for love. As a therapist I work with people who want love but try for it with the weapons of war--the ego and its defense mechanisms which separate us from others. Intimacy is a set of skills to be learned, which happens when we address our deepest fears. I love being a Love Coach! It's part of my job as a healer helping people address their unruly and aggressive feelings and the negative ways of coping with them. Life is a great, grand mystery and we are here to connect with each other in loving relationships. There is a science and an art to creating loving relationships and my writings combine the two with practical advice and some fun."

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