Friday, April 27, 2012

High Flying Savings at Scholastic

Scholastic Books are a fantastic resource for both parents and teachers. Right now, they are having a huge blowout on e-book versions of some of their bestselling books. Most prices seem to range from $1-5. Included books are teacher resources, such as free printable booklets and games for the classroom, teaching tips

I purchased some of these titles several years ago in hard copy when I was working at a teacher store. I have used many of the printable projects and booklets in my classroom to supplement my teaching and the materials. Most of the kids seem to really like them. At $1 apiece, how can you go wrong?

Visit the sale here!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review of The Power of Validation

Children have their own thoughts and feelings. Oftentimes these are overshadowed or ignored by the adults in their lives. Just as adults want to be heard and acknowledged, so do children. It is possible to validate a child's feelings, while still maintaining discipline in the home or classroom. The book The Power of Validation by Karyn Hall and Melissa Cook teaches you how.

Validation means teaching children to be comfortable with their own emotions. You have to take a step back and look at the whole situation, really listen to what is going on. Even if you don't think your child should feel the way that she does, you have to accept it. It does no good to tell her to not feel that way or that she shouldn't feel that way. The fact of the matter is she has her own set of emotions and you have to deal with them as is. To do otherwise invalidates her and can cause psychological harm.

Reading this book can feel like a big “duh” moment at times. Of course this is how you should respond to your child's emotional moments! But at the same time, we often forget how to communicate with our children in a heated situation. Our own feelings get in the way and we want to impose them on our children. We forget that they are also people with their own thoughts and emotions and deserve to be acknowledged. At the same time, we have to impose limits on their behavior and teach them how to properly express themselves.

This book goes through the process of validating children's emotions as a part of discipline. The concept is fully defined with numerous real-life examples. It also demonstrates how parents invalidate their children's emotions. Exercises throughout the book allow you to examine your own life and parenting style to determine when and how you validate or invalidate your children. Using a notebook to take notes or to journal as you read throughout his book is a great way to interact with it.

Parents will benefit from reading this book and should notice a change in their relationship with their children as a result. I also recommend this book for teachers. Sometimes we also forget how to validate our students as we go through our hectic days. In Montessori, we aim to validate our children on a regular basis. This book can give us more tips on how to do so, without feeling too “hippie” or “New Age-y.” It is an easy read, well-divided and in familiar language.

I received a complimentary set of galleys from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my review.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free Book From Home Education Resource Emporium

For parents who are educating their children at home...for parents who wish to supplement their children's school education at home...for teachers who are looking for more ideas to enrich their curriculum...

Home Education Resource Emporium has recently reached 500 "Likes" on their Facebook page. As a way of saying thank you, they are giving away a book to 5 lucky winners. The contest ends on April 13th.

All you have to is visit their Facebook page. Click "Like" on the page, first, and then "like" the post with the picture of the large blue dancing book that tells about the giveaway. It's that simple! The draw will be done on Saturday, April 14th.

Good luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free eBook: Voices of Autism

In honor of Autism Awareness Month in April, Parents Magazine is giving away free copies of their Voices of Autism book. These stories come from families who have to deal with autism on a daily basis. And they want more readers to contribute.

How do you get your own copy? Simple visit the Facebook page and click on "Like." You are then taken to a screen where you can safely download your own copy of Voices of Autism. They ask readers to share more of their stories as well as contributing pictures to be included in their "Faces of Autism" slideshow.

Only a few stories are currently in this edition. When you get to the end, though, there is an interactive calendar that will allow you to read stories from last year's campaign as well. You may recognize yourself, a family member or a friend as you read these touching stories.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Parenting Books for Kindle

Amazon often has an offering of daily books for parents and those who work with children. Here are some freebies that I found today.
No Kindle? No worries! I read mine with free reading apps for my Droid and my laptop. Get your free apps here or give in and purchase your own Kindle.
How to Be a Parent (Best Value Ever)

This all-inclusive book is meant to give you straightforward advice on handling your kids from the "terrible twos" to the "truculent teens."
Get your Kindle copy here.

Let's Talk to Our Kids: Successful Communication With Your Child

Communication skills can always be improved. This book goes beyond simply talking with your children to looking at how you communicate with people in general. The way that you model your communication skills with other adults will also model how children will communicate with each other. Also, sometimes when you think you are being quite clear, children are misinterpreting your actions or words. And sometimes you misinterpret what children are trying to tell you. This book will help.
Get your Kindle copy here.

Six Questions Children Ask About Death...And How to Answer Them

Adults often think that children are not affected by the death of a loved one. They are affected; they just manifest their grief in a different manner. Author Sharon Marshall Lockett has worked with children for several years. She also had to help her preschooler through the death of his baby brother. The book is written from a Christian perspective to help parents answer those tough questions that inevitably pop up.
Get your Kindle copy here.
Successfully Raising Grandchildren

Your parenting duties don't end when they leave the house. You are still their parents. And even more, you often become grandparents. Grandparents are just as instrumental in raising children as their parents are. This book, written by a pastor, aims to distinguish between the two different roles in life.
Get your Kindle copy here.

Lucky's Top 50 Toddler Activities

This is a collection of inexpensive, constructive activities to satisfy your toddler's craving for your attention.
Get your Kindle copy here.