Saturday, July 27, 2013

'Sleepytown Beagles: The Lemonade Stand' by Timothy Glass

The fifth book in the popular series introduces a charming new look for the loveable Sleepytown Beagles. The Lemonade Stand is a heartfelt and humorous tale of Tyler the Beagle’s desire to help Ben save money. Although he means well, Tyler learns that there is a right and wrong way to do things and that we can learn from our mistakes. Come share this entertaining journey. Whether you are Sleepytown Beagles fan or just discovering the series, this hardcover edition will be a favorite in your child’s library.

Rave reviews:
Susan Saunders, B.S., M.Ed. ~~
Those loveable, teachable beagles will once again inspire and pique your children’s interest in their latest story, The Lemonade Stand. This delightful story teaches that bad choices have direct consequences and how to deal constructively with a bad choice or mistake. Leave it to those beagles to use this mistake as a way of learning right from wrong.
Denise Landry ~~
Another beagle breakthrough with the Sleepytown Beagles, The Lemonade Stand You will "howl" happily as a particular beagle's innocent antics instill integrity and responsibility in those who partake in this thoughtful and charming tale!

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Author Bio:

Timothy Glass was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Central New Mexico. Tim graduated from the University of New Mexico. He later spent some time in New England and now lives in Port Orange, Florida.

Glass is an award winning author, illustrator, cartoonist, and writing instructor. Tim has worked as a ghostwriter and a story consultant.