Thursday, September 8, 2016

Take Off! Your Pocket Coach to Student Success - An Interactive Journal by Emile Nelson and Asa Odback

Take Off!

Less than 35% of college students graduate in four years, and that figure is actually closer to 19% at most public universities. Even worse, more than 40% never graduate at all! It’s obvious that students need someone on their side, but not everyone can afford their own personal coach. So we developed Your Pocket Coach — the solution that anybody can afford! Instead of just telling you what to do, this interactive journal coaches you with stories, tips and simple steps, so you can… Learn More, faster! Boost Your Creativity! Build Better Relationships! Feel More Involved, Engaged and Confident! And Succeed in College! Everybody has the potential to be successful and live an awesome life! Your Pocket Coach will show you how.

Émile Nelson recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara as a member of Phi Beta Kappa with straight As, Highest Honors and a University Award of Distinction. He also served as the Editor in Chief of UCSB’s nationally-ranked newspaper, and delivered the graduation speech. Åsa Odbäck graduated #1 in her class from Law School, taught law at the University of Stockholm, graduated #1 in her class from Stockholm Business School, and started a success training company that worked with major companies like Volvo and Ericsson.