Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Parenting in the Real World: The Reboot of Parenting by Olivia Black

Parenting in the Real World

Olivia Black, author of Falling Forward and Mulligan, has just released her first non-fiction title: Parenting in the Real World. Taking a non-professional boots-on-the-ground approach to parenting, Olivia dissects the unpleasantries of modern day parenting and presents them in a fun, easy read every parent can relate to. 

"I was shocked to find the advice of many so-called parenting 'experts' including the awful ancient advice by Benjamin Spock or unfounded and unrealistic psychobabble by Shefali Tsabary are still taken as gospel,” says author Olivia Black. “Many of the best-selling parenting books are two or more generations old. The world needs up-to-date parenting information.” 

Rather than present complicated statistics or results of psychological studies which are dated by the time they are vetted and published, Olivia Black’s book shares new insights into the troubles and challenges faced by parents in today’s hectic and fast-changing modern life. Black weaves her own insights and experience as a mother of four children now aged 14 through 25 into the book in hopes of helping parents around the world feel more at peace with the mistakes and frustrations they face daily. 

Throughout the book, readers are guided towards a new conception of what it means to be a parent and how not to take themselves so seriously in one of the world’s most perplexing positions. Comic relief and a surprisingly refreshing take on raising children are the focus of this 279 page book. 


About Olivia Black

Olivia Black resides in Melbourne, Florida, and is the author of the romance novel “Falling Forward.” In her spare time she enjoys painting, riding bikes, hiking, traveling, and reflecting on life.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

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