Saturday, May 16, 2015

'College Access: Paying for College' by Julie Doar-Sinkfield


One-stop shopping for figuring out how to pay for College for the parent or child from birth through college attendance. Don't miss out on opportunities to lower costs and save money through making a college education an affordable asset.

About the Author

Julie Doar-Sinkfield is an executive coach and management consultant who specializes in assisting companies with recruiting, developing and retaining employees. She is an expert on organizational structure and cultural change within organizations.

Now living in São Paulo, Brazil, she works closely with Asian and American investors developing businesses in Latin America and teaches business English and presentation skills to executives in Brazil. The New York native has several years of international experience living, working and learning in Europe and South America. She speaks four languages – English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

She is the founder of William E. Doar Jr. Public Charter School for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., an institution she led as chief operating officer and executive director for eight years. The school, named after her father, attained full accreditation in its fourth year, was ranked as a Top 10 charter school in the city, and was one of just a handful of charter schools within the America’s Choice school network. During her last year as executive director, 100% of the school’s graduating seniors were accepted to post-secondary schools. She is credited with securing more than $1.4 million in grants and donations during her tenure.

Doar-Sinkfield earned a bachelor’s degree in African-American studies with Honors from Wesleyan and a master’s degree in sociology from Northeastern. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

'Guided Reading Activities (For Individuals and Groups)' by Innovative Teaching Ideas

Product Description:

This pack includes 70 self directed tasks for students to complete during reading / literacy time in your classroom either independently or in groups.

Just add a leveled reader or visual text. All of these tasks can be applied to any text being read either at home or in the classroom.

Each task has clear instructions aimed at students from grades 2 - 6 which have fun but educational activities that can be completed in around a 40 minute time frame. But there is enough tasks here to keep your reading groups going for a year. Believe me I have been using these for years.

The idea is that you would laminate these and stick them in a space that students can access during literacy sessions.

This allows you to move around your room and work with other students knowing that students working on these tasks have a worthwhile task to be completed.

As I indicated earlier all tasks are 'evergreen' meaning that they can be applied to any text you are working through.

Note that this book was revised in March 2015 and has now doubled in content.

Available at

Why just teach when you can inspire and innovate!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

'Minecraft for Parents' by Cody and Erica Wagner

About the book:

Are you a parent who doesn't know how to play Minecraft; yet your son or daughter is very interested in the game? Why is this such a popular game? Minecraft for Parents provides you with clear cut instructions on how to play this game from start to finish. Prepare to learn about mobs, different dimensions and even how to meet other players. You will also learn the language of Minecraft players. This book also includes helpful pictures.

Authors Bios: (This book is by a brother and sister).

Cody Wagner is a twin. He is all about cars, with his favorite being Dodge. First thing each morning, he reads car news even before breakfast. He is also quite the history buff. When he is not playing with his sister, he is reading car news and discovering new car driving games for his Xbox or PC. Cody plans to become CEO of Dodge.

His hobbies are bowling, swimming, sledding and playing racquetball.

Erica Wagner is a twin. She likes science, astronomy, technology and doing paleontology digs. When she is not playing with her brother, she spends her time reading about dinosaurs, space and other science topics. She also has a fashion side where she likes to design clothes and make her own creations. Erica plans to become a scientist.

Her hobbies are bowling, swimming, sledding and playing racquetball.

Friday, May 8, 2015

'Music Beginners Guide: Everything Music Students and Parents Need to Know' by Jane Moyer

Music Beginners Guide:
Everything Music Students and Parents Need to Know

Do you want music in your life or your child’s life? This book will help you get off to a good musical start. It provides guidance on:
  • When to start music lessons
  • Establishing motivating musical goals
  • How to decide which instrument to learn first
  • Popular first instrument choices — how and where they’re played, special considerations, buying and maintenance tips
  • Shopping for your instrument
  • How to find the best teacher or music learning program for you
  • How to get the most out of lessons and practice
  • Performing with confidence
  • How to keep progressing musically
  • How to be an effective music parent

Music Beginners Guide is available in both paperback and Kindle versions through Amazon. 

What Musicians, Teachers & Parents Are Saying About
Music Beginners Guide: Everything Music Students and Parents Need to Know

“Comprehensive...easy to read...a valuable resource...”
Music Beginners Guide is well-written and a good resource for anyone to begin his or her journey to learn about music in a foundational manner. The book is a valuable resource for music educators to recommend for reading by parents of young musicians, beginning musicians of all ages, or anyone with an interest in learning more about music.- Music Educators Journal, December 2014

Comprehensive and engaging. A compact instruction manual for achieving musical success.
Music lessons are an elementary school rite of passage that should be fun and inspiring, but sometimes can deteriorate into an endurance contest and struggle of wills. Anyone who takes music lessons, but especially the parents of young music students, will find in this Music Beginners Guide a tremendous resource and blueprint for a thoughtful and informed approach to the study of music. Music Beginners Guide is an engaging and complete look at every aspect of music study, and the author's enthusiasm for this subject is apparent on every page. 
Ms. Moyer, who has studied no less than 10 instruments herself, is an articulate advocate for the study of music. From deciding on an instrument, choosing a music teacher and strategies for effective practice, to dealing with performance anxiety and considering music as a career, every detail of studying music is included in this comprehensive text. Music students of all ages and in every stage of study will find something of interest and relevance here. 
The most exceptional feature of this book lies in the gently probing questions it asks, which enlighten and guide readers to deeper understanding of and insight to their musical goals. Ms. Moyer brings her experience and skill as a talent developer and coach to this book, making it more than just a how-to manual - it is a little instruction book on achieving musical success. As someone who has maintained a private music studio for over 30 years, I can recommend Music Beginners Guide as a helpful and thorough text for music students of all ages and levels of study, and I look forward to sharing it with my own students.
- Christa, Musician, Music Teacher & Parent
Excellent Resource
...It is a wonderful compilation of information, insight, and your experience as a musician and and a musical Mom, and I want to thank you for your idea to do it, the concise and professional way you put it together and organized it, and the work you did to put it out there for parents as an excellent resource for them to use!

- Debbie, Musician, Suzuki Music Teacher & Parent
Fabulous for parents --especially homeschoolers!
I have been homeschooling my children since 1997, and I have never seen such a comprehensive or engaging book about music education. The book was such a pleasant read, it was like chatting over a cup of coffee with a musician friend about your children.
While I learned a bit of piano as a child and sang in choir in high school, I knew nothing about other band or orchestra instruments until now...With this book, I now have more options as I have a better understanding of other instruments, and I will certainly recommend it to other parents in my homeschooling groups, as well. Since each of your children is likely to have a different learning style and a desire to choose a different instrument, you are likely to be reaching for this book more than once!

- Homeschool Parent

Loved learning more myself about the many instruments that are available
Comprehensive is the one word that sums up this book. As a clarinet player that started way back in grade school, I think that this book would have really helped my parents deal with the whole music scene. It can be used as a reference for quick information or read cover to cover to give a more thorough understanding of instruments, voice, and performance. 
As a student this book would have encouraged me to not give up when frustrated. It give wonderful pointers to new or seasoned musicians. 
I highly recommend it to everyone who has a child interested in playing an instrument or developing their voice. The student can learn much as well by picking up a copy. 
Thank you Ms. Moyer for your book! 
- Terri, Musician
An Excellent Guide
An excellent guide for parents who are seeking to enrich their children's lives through music. Jane Moyer's book captures many aspects of the musical journey that will leave parents satisfied to know that music is important to the development of any child. I am a classically trained musician and truly enjoyed this book. I would recommend this book to any parent who is considering adding music to their child's education and life. 
- Ellen, Musician and Music Teacher

About the Author: Jane Moyer

Music has always been an important part of author Jane Moyer’s life. She started playing the recorder in 2nd grade, begged her mother for piano lessons in 3rd, joined the band in 4th and has never been without a song in her heart, head and fingers since.

After laying a strong foundation in classical music by earning a Bachelor of Music degree at Michigan State University, Jane expanded her musical life by exploring jazz and playing folk music out in the real world. She’s learned to play ten different musical instruments.

Jane has played many musical roles — from formally-taught to self-taught music student, performer, teacher, arranger, accompanist, ensemble member, music spouse and parent. She’s picked up musical ideas by hanging around conservatory students, church musicians, folkies, jazz cats, opera buffs, Suzuki music teachers, composers and songwriters. She takes in used instruments and gives them a good home as others might take in stray cats.