Thursday, April 24, 2014

Check out the Cymbol app for iPad

Cymbol ...

Cymbol is the iPad app that has endless uses in the classroom and workplace. Use it to help you write chemistry equations, math equations, or even to explore the functions of the iPad. Here is a rough draft of a sample lesson plan for the Cymbol app:

For a simple lesson in your data representation class room exercise try this with Cymbol iPad App mentioned earlier.

Lesson Name - iPad Codes and Discoveries

Objective: To decode how the iPad works and extend that into discovery of new ways to tap the systems in the device with Cymbol iPad App.

Chance discoveries sought by the instructor to open the minds:

1. Will be to have the student discover Unicode values that over-print English character sets for science

2. Find other languages in Unicode represented, Russian or Thai are one of many character sets in the iPad

3. See how character values transition in general terms to understand a principle of mapping values to symbols.

[ Preparation to concentrate on the use of the iPad, Cymbol does not need the Internet turned on, so to keep wandering eyes on the tablet, network is turned off with return to going back online staged towards the end of the lesson period. Using the world keyboard icon on the iPad, switch to English characters, switch back to Mandarin towards the close and show students on overhead how to toggle between them on the screen viewed by all.

All iPad's need Cymbol App -
[installed in advance for the students and instructor to properly proceed.]

Instructor Introduction:

The world of computers is driven with codes.  The iPad stores all that you tap into e-mail for instance as an extended code.

Has a code in numbers, binary numbers are too long for convenience, so base 16 is a compact format.

That is a series of digits of 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F
each one a expands to four binary numbers, 0101 1011 0101 1001 equals


Using Cymbol, enter in on the English keyboard '5B59'

Tap to select, Use Convert Hex to Unicode those four characters with the button on the lower right after '5B59'.

The number is changed into a Unicode character for display on your iPad. However, just changing a few binary digits.

0101 1011 0101 1001
0101 1110 0110 0000

Or in hexadecimal numbers:

Breaking New Ground Together is a very different piece of information from Grandson.

Now try changing the same length of values into different characters on your iPad, copy into your Pages App each one you try.  Find some discoveries in there.  Careful though, you will find a ☐ at times when no character is present in the map.

Your mission is to avoid these boxes and to find something interesting.

Very important, you may want to find 20 or more various different characters before going through these questions.

Lesson Questions [May be e-mailed in advance of class to students in this case, more advanced groups may be asked to create missions on their own accord.]

1.) Then once you found three interesting items, report on how you understood you found something.

2.) Contrasts you found between numbers and characters

3.) Relationships or groups you identified in this process

4.) Write a progression based on characters you predict

Special instructions for predictions is to postpone checking them out. Our class wants to compare predictions and award the best and worst prediction with a small reward as voted on by the class.

Next class we ask you as homework to find a series of characters worthy as useful in another class.  Explain why that is the case with an example plus process description.

Cymbol - New Version 2.0.2

Cymbol turns your iPad into an easy-to-use snippet editor. Insert trademark symbols or text glyphs, translate 4-character Unicode - this little beauty can handle them all. You’ll quickly manage and edit your snippets with just the tap of a button. 

Cymbol iPad App is an active part of Apple's Volume Purchase Program - VPP!

    Here’s a quick bullet list of just some of the amazing features waiting for you in Cymbol:
  • Always Retina Ready! Optimized views available for iPad 3 and iPad 4
  • Works great on iPad geneation 1 through to and including iPad Mini with iOS 5 or greater
  • Rotation compatible for any orientation
  • Integrated full-function editor
  • One-tap editing without searching code tables along with ultrafast operation
  • Copyright ©, Registered Trademark ® and Standard Trademark ™
  • Service Mark  and Phonogram (Audio Performance Trademark) ℗
  • Text Marks: Pilcrow (paragraph) ¶ and Section § for legal citation and briefs
  • Daggers † and Double Daggers ‡
  • Calculus and statistics such as μ σ ᴨ χ ∫ ∆ and ➛ are new editions, also for chemistry and physics!
  • A full set of subscripts and superscripts
  • Includes scissors, star, degree, handicapped, recycle, two kosher indicators, number
  • Easy Unicode conversion
  • Full keyboard available
  • One button “Copy All”, “Clear”, "Save"
  • Compatible with Notes, Pages, IA Writers and others
  • Great for package and label copy, too!
  • Available at the reasonable price of only $1.99 (USD)
You’re going to love this indispensable tool! It has been developed by writers for writers, so you know it contains everything you need for your snippet work.
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