Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'How to Keep Your Teens Safe Online' by Rebecca Thomas

If you are reading this, there's a good chance you think your child might be in danger on the Internet. I suspect that you don't want to approach your child about it because you have no proof.

You want to know vital information such as when, where or with whom your child was doing dangerous things online. I have written a guide that shows you how to determine this, and it's absolutely FREE! I just want to share my findings.

This SAFETY GUIDE eBook will help you keep your child safe in a dangerous online world. You will get over 20 pages of information from my research including:

☆ Signs your Teen is Involved with Dangerous Activities Online
☆ Things Teens do to Cover Their Tracks
☆ How to Tell if Your Teen is Lying
☆ Technology's Effect on Teenage Development
☆ Top 10 Technology Dangers for Teens
☆ How to Know the Truth About What They're Doing
☆ Dealing With Hurtful Information and How to Discuss It
☆ Teen Technology Statistics
☆ Computer Monitoring Info
☆ Smartphone Monitoring Info
☆ Tablet Monitoring Info

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