Monday, July 15, 2019

The Social Baby: Understanding Babies' Communication from Birth by Lynne Murray & Liz Andrews

The Social Baby

Every baby is a unique individual from the moment of birth, with their own likes and dislikes, strengths and sensitivities. One baby might find it hard to settle to sleep, another may fall asleep easily, but might find being undressed distressing. Similarly, babies differ in what they find soothing and comforting. Only by being finely tuned to a baby’s unique communications can an adult fully understand that baby and provide appropriate care.

The Social Baby is based on evidence about the development of communication in infants collected in research institutes around the world. By using picture sequences from video footage, this book provides captivating illustrations of key aspects of infant experience. Together with an accessible text, these illustrations provide a window into the rich and complex social world of babies. The knowledge and understanding gained from The Social Baby will help all those concerned with the care of young infants to relate more sensitively and responsively to the babies who depend on them. It will also enrich their own experience and enhance their enjoyment.

Take a peek inside:

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About the authors:

Lynne Murray, FBA, is Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Reading, Honorary Senior Fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge, and 2000/1 Chair of the Marce Society. She is also co-director of the Winnicott Research Unit. She has been working as a researcher in the area of infant development since 1973. This has included the study of infant social development, individual infant differences, the impact of parenting practices on child development, and the development of NHS treatment programmes to support parents. In July 2017, Murray was elected a Fellow of the British Academy (FBA), the United Kingdom's national academy for the humanities and social sciences. She has more than 200 academic papers to her name.

She has three sons and a stepson.

Liz Andrews is a Health Visitor and counsellor. She has worked in the NHS for more than 20 years and as a research Health Visitor in the Winnicott Research Unit in the University of Reading.

She has a daughter and a son.

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