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'Quotes 4 Success' Compiled by Isadore Rosenberg, Ph.d, Educational Psychologist


A special compilation of over 500 indexed motivational quotations, proverbs, and wise sayings to help everyone (especially students) to achieve their full life & academic potential- collected over a forty year career as a College Professor of study skills.

Anyone of these over 500 quotes may serve as the impetus to help you achieve your life goals and and achieve your academic goals as well.

Some years back I started by own personal file of quotations, wise sayings & proverbs to use in the classroom. I found that in my contact with students of today, many do not have the benefit of folklore quotations as my generation did.

The original book is now out of print.....however this is a rare opportunity to own this valuable motivational resource in kindle format at a investment of under a penny a quote.

All proceeds of this book are being donated to non profit educational programs.

Read an excerpt:
Some years ago, when I started to lecture, counsel and teach, I also started a file for my personal use containing quotations and sayings on the subject of student motivation. I felt the collection would enhance what I was trying to do. This anthology is an outgrowth of that file. 
In my contact with my students, I find that many do not have the benefit of folklore quotations from their elders as did my generation. I feel it is a motivating factor for the student to have an inspiring saying at his command to use when needed. Any one of the over 500 quotes may serve as the impetus to help the student achieve his academic goals.
Later editions will include exercises to help the student improve his vocabulary and study skills.
Isadore Rosenberg

About the author:

Isadore Rosenberg, Ph.d, [left] with Dr.
Jack Fujimoto, Past President of
Pierce College and West Los
Angeles College
Isadore Rosenberg born on May 28th 1918 in Manchester, Hampshire and was the last of six children born to Russian Immigrants who were fleeing the pogroms of the time in Europe, peacefully passed away on Feb 04, 2008. 

As a High School student he formed a big band style music group with Isadore playing trumpet. 

He proudly served his country during World War II as a war correspondent for the military publication the Stars and Stripes. In this capacity he interviewed Glen Miller in Paris, Frances, just before the fatal crash take off of the entertainers plane. 

After his Military Stint, Isadore went on to earn a undergraduate degree from Saint Aslum College in New Hampshire. Additional education degree in the form of a Masters Degree in Social Work was bestowed upon Isadore as a result of his graduation from Columbia University. 

Isadore was always open to new experiences, including hitch hiking across the entire United States while in his early twenties. 

Upon coming to Los Angeles in 1952, he worked helping dozens locate jobs in his role as a social worker at Jewish Vocational Service. Among those he helped was a young Joseph Cossman who later went on to great success, marketing various nationwide fads including the very popular Ant Farm. 

After getting a sense of the trails and tribulations facing job seekers in the Los Angeles area, Isadore Rosenberg wrote a book entitled, There is A Job For You In Los Angeles. The book was published by the Thomas Brothers , and each book came bundled with their helpful map of Los Angeles. 

Under a coveted Ford Foundation scholarship grant, Isadore Rosenberg earned an additional Master's Degree from the University of Southern California (USC). 

In 1960 Isadore Rosenberg joined the faculty of Pacomia Junior High School. He heroically assisted the rest of the staff during a plane crash that occurred while the school was in session. Additionally while at Pacomia Junior High, he had as a student, Richie Valens who ironically was killed in a fatal plane crash, shortly after his graduation from high school.

In 1972 Isadore Rosenberg joined Pierce College a Professor of Psychology and study skills center coordinator. Isadore Rosenberg developed several innovative programs to help students. An example was the MAW program that stands for Mature Academic Women. This particular program helps returning mothers and other older females who desire to go back to college. 

He also founded the Pierce College Emeritus Association, as a networking/ and social group of retired Professors from Pierce College. Isadore while at Pierce College wrote two additional books- one entitled, Developing Your Academic Intelligence, and another book on Motivational Quotations. 

Aside from vocational contributions Isadore Rosenberg was also very active in the Jewish Community. For a long period on High Holiday services, he worked raising money for Israelfrom the sale of Bonds. Isadore was also a great humanitarian as shown by his Red Cross record for blood donation. He had donated so much over the years that Mayor Riodrian award him a officialCity Proclamation in 1998 for his gift of life. 

Isadore will always be remembered for always having a joke to share, and that most of the time, the jokes he would tell also had a life message associated with it. He loved the limelight both in the Classroom and out of the Classroom- and by way of example, talked Paul Rodriquez to allow him to tell a Joke at the Laugh Factory at their most recent 29 th annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the community. According to the owner of the Laugh Factory, Dad was one of the oldest people to grace this stage. 

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The Ultimate SAT - ACT Wordshop

Product Description

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• 36 Chapters x 30+ Worksheets, sentence completion, context clues, note cards, matching, synonyms, parts of speech, color-coding, and word scrambles.

FANTASTIC for regular students, gifted and special education.

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Allen Dobkin has been teaching children since 1999 and joined the Kentwood team in 2007. While his official training was in the Social Sciences at Florida Atlantic University, his background in business and technology has enabled him to bring essential twenty-first century skills to the classroom. His effectiveness and ongoing popularity with students and parents has pushed him from Middle School teacher to High School teacher, to High School Principal and finally to School Administrator overseeing the implementation of the Kentwood systems throughout the entire program. Mr. Dobkin has also advocated for Learning Disabled students in the public school system; designed curriculum materials for use in all classrooms; developed educational applications in Microsoft Excel and Google Drive/Docs. He is a published author and avid reader in the realm of speculative fiction. Married to a public high school Science/ESE teacher, he knows what really goes on behind the beauracracy. Mr. Dobkin is from New York and holds a B.S. in Social Sciences.