Thursday, July 14, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Successful Parenting: What Am I Going to Do With This Child? by Karen McKenzieSmith

3 Easy Steps to Successful Parenting

Are you struggling with children that don’t listen? Want to regain control in a calm and assured way? Then this booklet is for you! This booklet outlines a tried and true procedure that uses real-life experiences in order to guide parents to use an easy 3 step discipline process. Packed with tips and tricks that work!

Author Karen McKenzieSmith is a certified teacher and counsellor that has taught post-secondary courses on parenting, won numerous teaching awards, and she is also the parent of three now adult children. Her 3 step discipline process is simple, and it works!

Rave reviews!
“This book is so easy and quick to read. For busy and frustrated parents it's a must. On looking at the title, one wonders, "No, it can't be that easy; just 3 steps to successful parenting?" Unlike other parenting books that may overwhelm you with complexity, Karen McKenzieSmith gets to the nitty gritty quickly, and she's so logical: Describe the behaviour you expect, set and communicate reasonable consequences with the kids input preferably, be consistent, be assertive while communicating, stay calm and neutral, model a positive attitude, take the age and developmental level of the child into consideration, etc., etc.. The author knows it works because she's done it. I know it works because I've done it. The author gives hands-on examples to which a parent can relate. I would compare this book to a short manual on "how to". As a grandmother of 11, a retired teacher and counsellor working extensively with parents and children, I have no hesitation in recommending this book to my clients”. ~~ Amazon customer 
“Karen gives a straight forward, structured, common sense approach for parental behaviour based on real experience. As a counsellor frequently encountering struggling parents, who have somehow let their child become the “boss”, this is a practical, self-help book that will put parents back in the driver’s seat, and culminate in young people of whom our society can be proud.” ~~ Val Kendall,Ph.D.

The Naughty Bugs of Grassland School: A Change Agent for Hire by Matt B. Hooks

The Naughty Bugs of Grassland School

If you're in need of a children's book that promotes taking positive action, making a difference, improving student (social skills) behavior, building relationships, and focusing on student strengths (rather than their weaknesses)! Well, look no more! See how hiring a change agent can make a positive impression on a school's climate & empower student morale! This would be perfect for you to have in your counselor's cabinet or teacher's toolbox!

Enjoy a few images from inside the book:

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About Matt B. Hooks

Matt B. Hooks is a dyslexic author who learned how to face and overcome his fears of reading and writing. He went on to later earn his Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa to finally become a special education teacher. He has taught for over a decade, working with students who struggle with their academic and social skills.

During his college years, he was selected to be a guest speaker at the Learning Disability Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. He currently works and lives in Paducah, Ky. It is now his mission to reach out to others who are at risk of developing a ‘learned helplessness’ attitude towards reading. In doing so, Mr. Hooks hopes his books and story will inspire others to reach their personal goals.