Thursday, November 7, 2013

Guest Review of 'Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake Oven' by Todd Coopee

This first definitive retrospective of the Easy Bake® Oven celebrates its journey from children's toy to pop culture icon and inductee to The National Toy Hall of Fame. The book explores the innovation, history, economics, commerce, advertising, and marketing behind the toy’s 50 year history. This book is a must read for vintage toy collectors, nostalgia buffs, foodies, and anyone who has ever peered through the oven's watch it bake window, eagerly anticipating the moment they will be able to serve and enjoy their very own culinary concoction.

Read a guest review:

I have a confession to make: I never had an Easy Bake Oven.

I'm not sure why. I remember seeing it in the Wish Books every year at Christmas, but perhaps I was too dazzled by the dolls and Barbies to pay attention. Or maybe my parents, enlightened parents of the early '70's, steered me away from something that they so as so gender-specific. 

It might have been a good idea to give me some early lessons, as when I did get married and had to cook for my husband, some training on a smaller scale might have been helpful.

I did, however, buy one of the ovens for my daughters. I was excited to see what would happen when we made our first goodies together, and a little non-plussed to realize that it was a light-bulb. . .and it took a long, long time for something that didn't feed many. Okay, full disclosure, it didn't even satisfy one.

But my partial ignorance about the EBO did not take away from pleasure in this beautiful book. Because more than the toy, it is history, and that I love. Watching the evolution of this innocuous children's plaything was truly mesmerizing, and I learned so much that I hadn't realized, not only about toys but also about the changes in promotion and marketing over these last 50 years. The research and presentation were spot-on.

Whether or not you were a light-bulb baker, you'll enjoy this walk down memory lane. Don't miss it. This would be a perfect gift for any grown-up child of the 1960's or '70's!

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About the Author:

Todd Coopee is a writer, award-winning business owner, toy historian, and pop-culture enthusiast. His affinity for nostalgia, vintage toys, and baking fed his passion for the Easy-Bake Oven, which led to his 2013 retrospective, Light Bulb Baking: A History of the Easy-Bake® Oven.

Todd lives in Ottawa, Ontario and has been known to bake tiny treats for his friends and family.

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