Friday, November 29, 2013

Why Books Are an Important Part of Childhood by Evelyn Gresham

Children's author Evelyn Gresham has an education degree, a soft spot for children, and now writes books for young ones. Here are her thoughts on why books are so important in childhood:


Since this is the generation of technology, I feel books are even more important to keep alive with our children. There is nothing like holding a book in your hand as your child lies in bed and listens to you read to them. First, it gives you a chance to bond with your child and second, it is a memory your child will never forget. Many people that I talk to state, that they cherish that time they had with their parents, when they read to them. We must keep those moments alive and we must teach our children to love books and preschool children are the ones to start with. In my humble opinion, it should start while you’re pregnant and should continue as a family tradition.


Since childhood author Evelyn Gresham has always had a desire for writing and poetry, but kept it as a hobby. She graduated from Ashford University and received her master’s degree in education and child development. Aside from “Sweet, Sweet Carabee”, Evelyn has also authored the book “Brown Little Babies.” For over twenty years Evelyn has worked as a nursing assistant, but always had a passion for children. Ms. Gresham currently resides in the Midwest and enjoys traveling and illustrating in her spare time.


Book description:
Take a trip into the lovable world of “Sweet, Sweet Carabee.” A delightful tale about a playful little girl with a colorful personality; Join Carabee and her faithful companion Snowbelle in the very first story of the Carabee book series. A fun-filled world of make believe and excitement that never ends.

'Sweet, Sweet Carabee' is a great book for both the classroom and in the home. Included within the story is a recipe and activity that fit in perfectly with an apple theme.

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