Wednesday, February 12, 2014

'Attachment Parenting' by Laura Carrilton

Attachment Parenting Book by Laura Carrilton 

As pretty obvious from the name itself, the Attachment Parenting Book talks a lot of useful information about the way parents can nurture their children and ensure mental, emotional and overall equilibrium in their life through attachment parenting. It’s a good read for expecting, new and experienced parents.

Summary of Attachment Parenting Book 

Written in a concise and comprehensive manner, the book discusses every aspect of attachment parenting to help parents steer clear of any doubt that they may have regarding this particular style of parenting. How parents can connect with their infants by staying close to them, understanding the cues they convey and responding to their most vital needs, every facet is well expounded.

It gives important tips on discipline, sleeping, potty training, breastfeeding and many other aspects of parenting. And the most admirable part about this book is that it takes a clear stand on a topic such as attachment parenting on which several criticisms are raised from time to time.

What appeals most in this book is its logical approach which is untouched of any biases. Starting from what attachment parenting is to its pros and cons to criticism to usefulness, all points are interestingly covered to enable parents to take informed decisions. Besides, its single-minded approach is another highlight.

In gist, the way everything is dealt here leaves no scope for confusion or dilemma. Language has been kept simple and easy so that readers get to understand the topic to the core without feeling bored or tired.

~~Currently rated 5 out of 5 *s!~~

About Laura Carrilton 

Laura Carrilton, who is the author of this book, is a young enthusiastic person. She loves children and is a parent of two amazing kids herself. By writing books on parenting, she wants to share her parenting tips with other parents around the globe to help them enjoy every bit of this special experience.

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