Sunday, February 9, 2014

'Great Teachers and Puddles Have What in Common? (A Quick Guide to Improve Teaching and Student Learning)' by Brandi L. Spencer


Learn the Step That’s Missing in the Lesson Cycle

Just imagine how it would feel if you could have the classroom (and students) of your dreams.

This book provides new teachers as well as veteran teachers with a step by step approach to get them pretty darn close to the classroom of their dreams. Through the use of one simple principle, you will learn how to take ownership of the instructional process and create the classroom that you have always dreamed of. Improve student learning and increase student engagement with a plan designed specifically with your students in mind. Easily integrate your current teaching methods with the principles outlined in this guide. 

You can keep doing the same ole’ thing and settle for the same results. 

You can snag this quick reference guide and learn: 

- How to optimize your classroom processes and procedures
- The one simple concept that will change how you teach forever
- The four questions that will pin-point areas development
- How to create an action plan that produces your desired outcome

As a Special BONUS for you… 

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