Monday, August 11, 2014

'Baby Names That Work! Complete A-Z With Origins & Meanings' by Tyler Capper


“Imagine coming to realize years later that you gave your child a name that is culturally irresponsive; or a name other children use to tease your child…” How do you think that would make you, and your child feel?

Choosing a name these days has to be done with care, as it is much more than just a label. So many children these days are bullied because they have a weird name, or a name that means something completely different in another culture.

Let Tyler Capper guide you through 320 pages of baby names; from cultures around the world. Tyler has picked these name with care and passion, and not just because they are popular. For each name you are given an explanation of its meaning, as well as from where the name originates.

Now you would not need to worry if your child’s name might sound funny, or feel different to others as you have a resource that can help you on all fronts.

The best aspect of this book is that it contains names from all common nationalities and cultures around the world. Even if you like to pick a name that stands out, you can still make sure it does not violate your own cultural heritage; or general perception by looking at the detailed meaning. There is really no reason to pick a name that does not fit your situation.

Yes, there are other books that do the same, but this resource is much more complete than any other book available today for Kindle. Be sure you pick the right name for your precious darling by starting with this book!

There are also some really nice related 'Extras' waiting to be discovered at the end of the book. Enjoy!!

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