Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'The Bully Blueprint' by Virgil A. Greer III


The new book titled The Bully Blue Print offers a complete and comprehensive insight in to the mind of a bully, the victims of bullying and how to deal with both.
  • Learn more on why your child is refusing to tell you that they are being bullied at school
  • Obtain an in-depth knowledge on the reasons for bullying
  • Understand bully victims better and help them out on a prompt basis
  • Teach your kids on how to spot bullies and what type of behavior constitutes bullying
  • Help rebuild your kids’ self-esteem and grow in to strong and independent individuals
  • Save up on the costs of endless hours of counseling, therapies and support groups
  • Explore some of the most efficient ways for your kids to deal with bullies
  • Debunk popular myths about bullies and break away from stereotyping
  • Identify the different types of bullying, such as physical, emotional and cyber.
Written by an expert in the field, this book is written in a straightforward manner and offers practical guidance on how to help your kids overcome bullies and build up their self-esteem.

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About the author:
  • 5th Degree Black Belt Certified Master Instructor through the World Taekwondo Federation in Korea
  • Owner and operator of U.S. Elite Martial Arts Since 2003. 
  • Involved with martial arts since the age of 10

Master Virgil A. Greer, Born in Akron, Ohio Master Virgil A. Greer III walked into his first training hall at the age of ten, in his home town of Akron Ohio. He began his path in martial arts in 1990 and has been teaching actively for 20 years, 14 since relocation to northwest Chicago suburbs and opening U.S. Elite Martial Arts & Fitness Center in Arlington Heights, IL .

He is passionate about instilling the traditional values of respect, focus, self-discipline, self-control and dedication. Master Greer’s experience andpassion for martial arts is seen in the way he teaches. His coaching expertise works for kids of the youngest ages all the way up to adults who wish to learn.

His training sessions are designed for everyone involved whether they are looking to just get in great shape or they are looking to take it up a level and compete at National level. These basic principals shine through in his teaching methods and are a core value of the school.

He has formed an extremely dedicated team of instructors who are all passionate about mentoring students in physical training and mental development.

It is their hope that every student who comes to the martial arts mat will experience growth and excellence in every area of their lives.

In the recent years Virgil A. Greer III has recognized the damage bullying has had on our community and young children, which had led him to become a Certified Bully Expert and utilizing a curriculum that has been taught to students in hundreds of schools nationwide. Also Master Greer has recently written and released a book titled “The Bully Blueprint” a parents guide to understanding and dealing with bullies. Our anti-bullying approach is unique because it provides bully-proofing strategies for all — whether students are directly targeted by bullies or they are witnesses who must learn how to effectively intervene. Some of the concepts are based on professional protocol known as Verbal Judo, which has been street-tested and used by law enforcement and public safety professionals for over 28 years.

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