Monday, May 11, 2015

'Guided Reading Activities (For Individuals and Groups)' by Innovative Teaching Ideas

Product Description:

This pack includes 70 self directed tasks for students to complete during reading / literacy time in your classroom either independently or in groups.

Just add a leveled reader or visual text. All of these tasks can be applied to any text being read either at home or in the classroom.

Each task has clear instructions aimed at students from grades 2 - 6 which have fun but educational activities that can be completed in around a 40 minute time frame. But there is enough tasks here to keep your reading groups going for a year. Believe me I have been using these for years.

The idea is that you would laminate these and stick them in a space that students can access during literacy sessions.

This allows you to move around your room and work with other students knowing that students working on these tasks have a worthwhile task to be completed.

As I indicated earlier all tasks are 'evergreen' meaning that they can be applied to any text you are working through.

Note that this book was revised in March 2015 and has now doubled in content.

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