Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Kid Trotter: The most innovative family travel video series ever!

The Kid Trotter is an innovative, fun, upbeat travel video series unlike anything else that has been produced ever…. The series of videos is aimed at showing parents how much fun it can be to travel with kids and also to entertain children, educate them, and inspire curiosity about the world.

It is being produced by an Irishman Sean, a French TV journalist Valerie and a little 5 year old girl called Enya . They are traveling the world and producing a unique and fun travel video program detailing their adventures. The main aim of this initiative is to open kids up to other cultures and and also to show parents that foreign travel is one of the best investments in childrens future.

In a pilot period they have produced an amazing 10 episodes from Vietnam and are now embarking on a trip around the world. Exciting times for families that love travelling and that want to inspire their kids to learn about other cultures and the great big world around us !!

Be sure to watch with the kids ... and Enjoy !

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