Monday, February 8, 2016

'Secrets of Smart Parents Raising Smarter Kids' by Kavitha Sriram

Parenting is a day to day challenge and fun for blessed souls.Parenting is a beautiful journey when you are sure and unsure of many things at the same time. One moment you feel you are doing the correct thing. Later sometimes you again question yourself, “Am I doing the right thing? " In fact, experts state that checking ourselves frequently helps us to correct any minor mistake we may commit unknowingly. This book is a step by step guide to finding simple answers to the complicated questions of parenting. 

Come get the tour of joyful and highly effective parenting methods with a fun-filled read of Fables, Real life situations, Smart parents handling techniques of complex problems. Learn Quick fix for behavioral problems. 

This book gives you real life examples of different parents, their experiences, their techniques, lessons and stories to give you an entertaining and informative reading experience. 

Find out the secrets of smart parents to grow your children with excellent learning and social skills, creative abilities and teach your children complicated life lessons in a simple and fun way. Learn the parenting skills needed to grow with your smarter child.

Which type of parent would be better now? There are so many doubts. This book is written as an answer to this search. It is not the experience of few people, but thousands of parents, teachers, counselors their experiences, and their own little secrets. This book would be a guide for the practical day to day tips to help you and your child grow better. 


• Gives you easy techniques in developing your child’s learning, creative and social abilities.
• Practiced and proven tips which will definitely work with your kids.
• If you are interested in learning different techniques to develop your child in all areas this book is a must buy for you.
• Answers most of the questions you had in your mind regarding parenting.
• Useful tactics for children raised by all types of parents including single parents, couples, young parents.
• Simple language to help all the parents with different backgrounds.
• Realize and rectify the minor mistakes we do unknowingly in the parenting ways.

Reviewers already love this book!

They are all giving the book four and five stars, praising the information it provides. It's a great tool to help parents expose their children to new experiences while also giving parents much-needed tools to help them navigate the choppy waters of rearing kids. They have found it to seamlessly fit into their parenting style and already see some positive changes. Pick it up on sale and see what it can do for you!

About the author:

Kavitha Sriram is an avid reader and writer from a very young age. She has written many blogs and short stories. When she became a mother, she had many books and people to tell her how to deal with her child from zero to two years. As the child grew up, the challenges also grew. In this changing environment, bringing up the kids in a disciplined and smarter way has become a challenge for the parent. She read many books and articles, but wanted to know more . Each child is special and unique. What is proper and best for one youngster will not hold good for another kid. Also child disciplining and dealing techniques differed from place to localize. She could also see a few kids exceptionally smarter than other children. It had to something with the way the parents brought up their kids. She set about her search, spoke with thousands of teachers, counselors, and parents.

She found few parenting methods working wonders with most of the kids. After learning from fellow parents, teachers and counselors as a learned parent, she wanted to share her learnings with fellow parents. 

In her spare time, Kavitha Sriram loves to play with kids, creates and tells stories to kids, reads, writes posts for her blog, and helps children learn mathematics, the fun way.

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