Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Maths Worksheets for 7 to 9 Years Old

How do you get your child to the higher levels in their MATHS class and remain there year after year? There are over 50 worksheets contained in this workbook, with each worksheet having 10 or more maths questions and answers available at the end of the book. 

Are you looking for maths worksheets to help your child master various maths skills such as addition? Do you need more practise questions? These maths worksheets for kids contain numerous questions to practice daily. These worksheets are to help improve mathematics skills, by frequent practise. As the popular saying goes, “practice does make perfect”. 

Are you fed up of seeing books filled with unnecessary pictures that appear to make you feel like you just spent your money on the pictures and only 5 questions on the topic you are interested in? This workbook takes on a more serious approach, in that there are no pictures or cartoons, however, each worksheets starts off with a joke or a tongue twister, which will make you and your child laugh and think too. 

The worksheets are perfect for teachers, parents, students, and for home schooling. You save valuable time when planning work for the students; time you can use to for something else. 

Private tutors and those running a home-school can use the maths test sets to check and measure the child's understanding of the maths skills taught. It can also be used to give extra practice and reinforce learning. Parents, you can also use these worksheets for homework practice. 

It is suitable for any exam preparation such as SATs and 11 plus or term-time exam or tests. It is a very useful resource for maths revision.

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GOEE (pronounced Go ye) coaches and mentors children and adults with a focus on maximising their learning, achieving better grades and lifelong skills. We have published maths workbooks which contains over 50 worksheets for children ages 3 to 11 years old. These are available on Amazon kindle or paperback.


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