Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Now I Know My ABCs for the Wii U

Now I Know My ABCs

GAME DETAILSA fun way to learn the alphabet.

Now I Know My ABC's is a fun and interactive way to learn the alphabet. Using the Touch Screen on the Wii U™ GamePad your goal is to write every letter in both lowercase and uppercase. Each letter is associated with a color. You can press the letter's icon at anytime to hear how the letter is pronounced. After you complete writing a letter the crowd cheers for you, giving positive reinforcement to help encourage the learning of even more letters!

Get your digital copy from Nintendo.

A view from inside the game:

My thoughts:

Now, I've not played this game, as I do not have a Wii U. What intrigued me about this game when I was asked to share about it was that the child is using his hand to write the letters in the air as he tries to write them on the screen. That is one of the ways we try to teach children to form letters early on, though I am used to doing so with sandpaper letters in Montessori. It is harder to make them fit on the lines, which usually comes later with pencil to paper. But perhaps this could be a way to fulfill the desire to play on the Wii while also working on that motor memory for creating the letters.

Watch this video to see a demo:

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