Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Furry Tutor: Funny, 3-Step Audiobook Literacy - 6 Silly Stories About Apples

The Furry Tutor

Baroony: The Furry Tutor presents 1st Grade Apple Adventures! This is a professionally produced but fun, 3-step audiobook based, Listening-Reading-Writing Six Story Pack! Baroony is Scooby Doo meets Marley the dog meets Paddington Bear, all rolled into one.

Looking for a new, fun way to not only improve literacy through multiple styles of learning, but also inspire passionate, young readers? Look no further! Kids LOVE Baroony the Bear!

Six original stories are included in this bundle.

Each story includes a YouTube link to my audio-video file which narrates the story 3 times, a just-audio MP3, and the same audio-video file for offline use. Pick the easiest route for your teaching style without the hassle.

They can be heard/watched as a whole class, used as a listening station that also incorporates reading and writing, Daily 5, or even sent home for extra practice.

This awesome, six story pack includes all of the worksheets, audio, and video files organized neatly into separate folders, OR a print ready PDF with all of the stories combined.

It also includes Teacher bonuses: Baroony's Apple KWL, an extended educator license, Baroony classroom posters, and more!


First students listen to the audiobook version 3x, next they RAWR It (not just robot-read it) 3x, then they PAW the story on a traceable handwriting section.

All on one easy print page!

My method of building top-notch literacy skills revolves around enthusiastic repetition with the use of short passages of text for automaticity and fluency.

Stories focus heavily on high frequency and sight words for 1st graders, are written in rhyme, and introduce alliteration.

Great for struggling readers with the various learning disabilities who learn differently than other students.

All these silly stories are written and narrated by myself, and Baroony Bear: The Furry Tutor! I'll be the extra voice in your busy classroom helping with literacy skills.

Baroony is the ONLY Reading Bear on all of TPT. These silly, apple adventures surround the antics of this wacky yet adorable bear, just on time for fall's apple lessons!

You can also download a free sample and purchase the stories individually on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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