Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child by Tara Woods Turner, CEP & J. Blake Turner PhD

Beyond Good Manners

Unlock the key to creating a cultivated life for your child with this book targeted parenting guide. You will learn how to raise an engaging, accomplished and sophisticated child, one who gets noticed for all the right reasons. From fine dining, travel and art appreciation to navigating social media with integrity - Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child will show you how to take your child to the next level of personal and social development. Whether your child is 5 or 15 this is the one book you will reference time and again for advice and techniques that are relevant, practical and insightful.”

About Tara Woods Turner

Tara Woods Turner is an etiquette consultant, author and online content contributor. She lives in New York City and believes strong societies are built upon strong families. She also spends way too much time analyzing James Taylor lyrics.

"Etiquette is one of my biggest passions" she says "I want people to unlock the power of civility and make common courtesy a part of their daily lives. Treating others with respect comes naturally when we realize how much better the world would be if we did."

In addition to reading, Tara enjoys cooking, entertaining, trying to find space for her American girl collection and spending time with her amazing family and friends.

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