Monday, April 10, 2017

Conversation Starter: Life Standing by S. L. Mauldin

Teenagers today are dealing with a host of issues. Many of them were present when we were younger, but times have changed. This means that all of these issues, such as bullying, stereotyping, and even death have a different face today. Readers are giving this book rave reviews and highly suggest it for parents and teachers to read with teens as a way to spark conversations.

Life Sliding

As Gavin’s junior year comes to a close, he faces an inner conflict with his status as the most popular kid in high school. It’s not lost on his father, who sensed for some time that his overly indulged son needs redirection. Making matters worse for Gavin, his dad sends him away for the summer to assist at a camp for children with special needs.

Arriving at camp Life Me Up, Gavin is suddenly forced to dabble in a world less familiar. After his first uncomfortable encounter with a strange girl with multi-colored fingernails, who refuses to waiver his arrogant behavior, Gavin comes face to face with a person from the past, which leaves him uneasy.

Inevitably, three people clash and collide, but when tragedy strikes, they come to an understanding regarding their differences. Becoming a young adult, Gavin faces a summer of harsh lessons in reality. Once he crosses the bridge from a self-inflicted prison to the road to freedom, Gavin and his new friends implement a strategy to stir up the social order when they return to school in the fall.

Because of one jaded person jumping to conclusions, the plan backfires. Will they be able to survive the fallout of what they’ve put into motion? #LifeSliding

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Midwestern Book Review: 
“Life Sliding” is a compelling read from beginning to end and clearly demonstrates author S. L. Mauldin’s original and exceptionally gifted storytelling talents. While very highly recommended for school and community library YA Fiction collections..."

About S. L. Mauldin

S. L. Mauldin is an optioned screenwriter and the author of the young adult novel Life Sliding and the forthcoming teen fiction novel Always Here. Shannon was born in the suburbs of Atlanta, where he now resides and continues to write books for teens, but stories relatable to readers beyond those turbulent adolescent years. Currently, S. L. Mauldin is preparing a live stage presentation of Life Sliding and is in pre-development of the feature film.

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Mobile Phone Safety for Parents by Family Orbit

Mobile Phone Safety for Parents is a complete guide that can help you get to know and understand ways in which your teenager and other children may potentially use or abuse their smartphone. This guide will not only explore the features and benefits of smartphones but also provide you with safety tips, which will allow you to monitor your child and help them to make the most of their device.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this comprehensive guide:
  • Proven ways of assessing your child’s maturity to use a cell phone or not
  • Six essential actions you must take when you get your child his/her first cell phone
  • How to identify and manage bad phone behaviour
  • How to help your child use his/her device with responsibility
  • How to teach cell phone care to your young one and much more.
  • Recommended family safety apps to install on their cell phone.

You will be guilty of helping your children abuse their smartphone if you do not educate them properly. Mobile Phone Safety for Parents will show how to this with love.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Learn to Read the EASY WAY! by Peter Canonico

Learn to Read the EASY WAY!

Yes there is an EASY WAY and this is it. So EASY your child can teach himself. We give your child the sound the letter makes. Plus, we do it so fast your child will not be hampered by it. This product is great for kids and adults, too.

Learn to Read the EASY WAY!
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Monday, January 9, 2017

I Promised Not to Tell: Raising a Transgender Child by Cheryl B. Evans

I Promised Not to Tell

A must read for a parent, relative or friend of a gender questioning or transgender person. I Promised Not to Tell is a deeply personal and emotional parenting memoir told by the mother of a transgender child. This book will benefit anyone who would like to learn more about transgenderism. Honest, moving and well written, you will not be disappointed!

"I Promised Not to Tell is quite possibly one of the most important books to date on a very controversial and little understood social issue: transgenderism. If you are facing such a situation with your child, I urge you to read this book. Both you and your child need what Cheryl has so kindly shared with readers and parents. And when you do, I’m sure you will come away impressed not just by the courage shown by Jordan in this book, but by the love Cheryl and her husband have for their children and their compassion for all people. I loved I Promised Not to Tell. Couldn't put it down. Highly recommended reading." ~ Viga Boland

Together, Mom and her husband raised their children telling them: "You can be anything and do anything you want in life." They just never expected that what their youngest daughter would desire most in the world, was to be a boy.

What is unique about this story is that it follows one transgender child from birth through age eighteen. You get a real sense of what this family went through. Their son's desperate effort to comply to societal gender norms, a suicide attempt, a family members struggle with God and transgerderism, a heart breaking death and much more. Every step of their son's transition from female to male (FTM) is discussed in detail, including hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgeries. This book shares it all in the hopes of making a difference in what seems like a harsh and cruel world for transgender people.

In the beginning, transgender was not even on this mother's radar. There was so much to learn. She went from knowing nothing at all about the subject to becoming significantly more knowledgeable. She partook in a journey of learning that evolved into one of self discovery for her as much as for her transgender child. There were valuable lessons and gifted blessings along the way. There were also times of great heartache and pain. Mom was strengthened, she was tested, she wept and she prayed and in the end, she survived as did her transgender child.

The journey this family took is spelled out in the pages of this book in the hope that it offers encouragement, support and wisdom to others who may have found themselves on a similar path. Mom shares many of the resources she used along her own family’s journey and extends to you a friendship that goes far beyond the pages of this book.

This is a uniquely written and thought provoking true story which transitions beautifully between the family’s personal journey and some of the larger societal issues that face the transgender community today.

Even if you don't know a transgender person, this book will make you feel as if you do. Maybe you have been curious about this topic and looking for a book that can share honest and intimate details on the subject. If so, this book will certainly do that for you.

Coming out as a transgender person can be challenging. This book could be an excellent way to introduce the topic to parents and loved ones. Perhaps helping to pave the way to acceptance and understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to consider the book "I Promised Not to Tell ~ Raising a transgender child".

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About Cheryl B. Evans

I'd like to introduce myself and say hello to you. My name is Cheryl and I am married with two wonderful children, a daughter Mariah and a son Jordan. Jordan happens to be transgender (assigned female at birth). To offer you a little background, Jordan was presumed to be a tomboy for the early part of his life up until about puberty. My husband and I were ignorant to the fact transgender children even existed at the time so just accepted our daughter with all her boyish tendencies. However, around age 12 things took a turn we were not prepared for.

Jordan decided to try desperately to fit into society’s binary role of female, an experiment that didn't go well to say the least. After some challenging times, he finally told my husband and me he was transgender at age 12. Thankfully, today, he is a healthy, happy and well adjusted 18 year old. The road to today was not always an easy one and along our journey I realized just how hard some children have it. How so many families turn their own children away.

Along our journey we fought hurtful religious ignorance and my daughter struggled the most with accepting that her younger sister was becoming her brother. It may even interest you to know that my son and I, through perseverance and dedication got Ontario to change the law at the end of 2014 to allow minors to be able to change the gender marker on their birth certificate.

To help me deal with the changes that were happening in our family I wrote - a lot. I documented our entire journey of helping our daughter become our son. The doctors, the hormones, the surgeries and in the end I realized I'd written the book I wish I had when Jordan came out to me. In the end in my own effort to help other families to know they are not alone and to help the transgender community as a whole I decided (with my son's blessing) to publish our story. I changed all our names to help protect my son as his deepest wish is to only be known as a regular teenage boy. My book I Promised Not to Tell - Raising a transgender child was released on July 15, 2016. Here's a link to where you can learn more and read some testimonials:…/…/0995180717

I sincerely hope it will help someone following this page and perhaps help to change society’s often harsh view of this community. Feel free to check it out or share this post with anyone you feel could be helped by it. It was written over almost three years and the result is our family's deeply personal and emotional journey to discovering the son we never knew we had. If you have any questions for me don't hesitate to ask. I can't promise to have all the answers but will opening share anything I think could make your own journey just a little bit easier.

With love, and blessing, Cheryl.

Find Cheryl online:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child by Tara Woods Turner, CEP & J. Blake Turner PhD

Beyond Good Manners

Unlock the key to creating a cultivated life for your child with this book targeted parenting guide. You will learn how to raise an engaging, accomplished and sophisticated child, one who gets noticed for all the right reasons. From fine dining, travel and art appreciation to navigating social media with integrity - Beyond Good Manners: How to Raise a Sophisticated Child will show you how to take your child to the next level of personal and social development. Whether your child is 5 or 15 this is the one book you will reference time and again for advice and techniques that are relevant, practical and insightful.”

About Tara Woods Turner

Tara Woods Turner is an etiquette consultant, author and online content contributor. She lives in New York City and believes strong societies are built upon strong families. She also spends way too much time analyzing James Taylor lyrics.

"Etiquette is one of my biggest passions" she says "I want people to unlock the power of civility and make common courtesy a part of their daily lives. Treating others with respect comes naturally when we realize how much better the world would be if we did."

In addition to reading, Tara enjoys cooking, entertaining, trying to find space for her American girl collection and spending time with her amazing family and friends.

"52 Weeks of Business Success" Profile

April Stephens Full Interview

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Potty Training: Stop the Mess...The Ultimate Potty Training Guide

Potty Training

Tired of changing those stinky diapers? This guide shows you some easy tips and helpful advice for potty training your child. Featuring information that's so easy even Dad can do it! Get the answers you seek right now with this in depth guide.

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Take Off! Your Pocket Coach to Student Success - An Interactive Journal by Emile Nelson and Asa Odback

Take Off!

Less than 35% of college students graduate in four years, and that figure is actually closer to 19% at most public universities. Even worse, more than 40% never graduate at all! It’s obvious that students need someone on their side, but not everyone can afford their own personal coach. So we developed Your Pocket Coach — the solution that anybody can afford! Instead of just telling you what to do, this interactive journal coaches you with stories, tips and simple steps, so you can… Learn More, faster! Boost Your Creativity! Build Better Relationships! Feel More Involved, Engaged and Confident! And Succeed in College! Everybody has the potential to be successful and live an awesome life! Your Pocket Coach will show you how.

Émile Nelson recently graduated from UC Santa Barbara as a member of Phi Beta Kappa with straight As, Highest Honors and a University Award of Distinction. He also served as the Editor in Chief of UCSB’s nationally-ranked newspaper, and delivered the graduation speech. Åsa Odbäck graduated #1 in her class from Law School, taught law at the University of Stockholm, graduated #1 in her class from Stockholm Business School, and started a success training company that worked with major companies like Volvo and Ericsson.