Saturday, November 15, 2014

'How to Talk With Your Son About Sex: 7 Sensitive Ways to Effectively Talk About Sex With Your Child' by Duncan Walker Kennedy

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Do you find yourself struggling with how to talk to your son about sex? Kids today are exposed to sex much sooner than previous generations. Every moment of every day, they are bombarded by mature themes and images on television and the internet, in magazines, and on social media. Wouldn’t you rather talk to your child about sex before they receive inappropriate or incorrect information from an outside source or their buddies on the playground?

Let’s face it . . . many of our own parents weren’t very good at talking about sex . . . or perhaps they failed to ever approach the subject of sexuality with you, instead hoping that the topics of puberty and sex education would be delivered to you by a stranger in Health class. Needless to say, that approach was not very effective. Indeed, it got your parents off-the-hook from having to talk about sex with you, but that method is painfully outdated and predictably ineffective.

In “How to Talk with Your Son About Sex: 7 Sensitive Ways to Effectively Talk About Sex with Your Child,” you will uncover the most up-to-date methods in how best to communicate the true facts of life. This book replaces the old, tired “Birds and the Bees” talk with real-world advice on how to navigate the unavoidable conversation of talking to kids about sex.


Duncan Walker Kennedy lives in the Boston area with his family and Golden Retriever. He is a devoted and experienced husband, father, son, brother, high school teacher and Red Sox fan. His bucket list includes attending one baseball game in every Major League park in North America. He is most inspired by frequent family trail hikes, anything with a Ben & Jerry’s label, and watching “Field of Dreams.”

Connect with Duncan on Twitter: @DuncanWKennedy

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