Thursday, July 14, 2016

3 Easy Steps to Successful Parenting: What Am I Going to Do With This Child? by Karen McKenzieSmith

3 Easy Steps to Successful Parenting

Are you struggling with children that don’t listen? Want to regain control in a calm and assured way? Then this booklet is for you! This booklet outlines a tried and true procedure that uses real-life experiences in order to guide parents to use an easy 3 step discipline process. Packed with tips and tricks that work!

Author Karen McKenzieSmith is a certified teacher and counsellor that has taught post-secondary courses on parenting, won numerous teaching awards, and she is also the parent of three now adult children. Her 3 step discipline process is simple, and it works!

Rave reviews!
“This book is so easy and quick to read. For busy and frustrated parents it's a must. On looking at the title, one wonders, "No, it can't be that easy; just 3 steps to successful parenting?" Unlike other parenting books that may overwhelm you with complexity, Karen McKenzieSmith gets to the nitty gritty quickly, and she's so logical: Describe the behaviour you expect, set and communicate reasonable consequences with the kids input preferably, be consistent, be assertive while communicating, stay calm and neutral, model a positive attitude, take the age and developmental level of the child into consideration, etc., etc.. The author knows it works because she's done it. I know it works because I've done it. The author gives hands-on examples to which a parent can relate. I would compare this book to a short manual on "how to". As a grandmother of 11, a retired teacher and counsellor working extensively with parents and children, I have no hesitation in recommending this book to my clients”. ~~ Amazon customer 
“Karen gives a straight forward, structured, common sense approach for parental behaviour based on real experience. As a counsellor frequently encountering struggling parents, who have somehow let their child become the “boss”, this is a practical, self-help book that will put parents back in the driver’s seat, and culminate in young people of whom our society can be proud.” ~~ Val Kendall,Ph.D.

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